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Nik Harith - Founder/Startup Growth Advisor, NMR Designs

SALES/GROWTH ACHIEVEMENT: He has brought seven figure worth of sales through affiliate acquisition and affiliate management in 1 year, six figure worth of Facebook e-commerce ads conversions via acquisition and remarketing in 4 months with ROI-over-cost ratio of 254%, maintained a five-figure worth of digital clients contract monthly, increased Facebook page organic reach by 1000% in 6 months, created four figure shares in 2 days, delivered six figure video views in 2 weeks, and five figure mobile app downloads in 6 months.

CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENT: His designs has reached SMEs and even the government sectors including Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak himself and the Prime Minister’s Department, Dato’ Seri Rais Yatim (during a live telecast event in conjunction with Merdeka event at Stadium Bukit Jalil), Ministry of Green Technology, BESTINET Group, MATRADE Corporation, DATUM Corporation of PKNS and many more. His musical work, on the other hand, have been premiered worldwide – garnering him 10,000 song plays and 2,000 fanbase within 3-months of launching which comprises Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, USA, Australia and many others.


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Sales Web Pages Development

No, it's not about a fancy looking site. We aim to build site complete with tools that'll make your first web sale.

High Impact Video Presentation

No, it's not your typical video. We build short, impactful videos for high-impact C-level presentation or TV advertisements.

Web A/B Testing & Optimization

Have a website but need to increase retention? We'll help analyze your bounce rate and reduce them through A/B experiments.

Music/Soundtrack Composition

Have an idea and vocals for a song but don't know how to produce them? Pay us and let us complete the song.


Music Album Cover/Movie Poster

Need a solid, powerful idea for your next album/movie? Let us help realize your imagination.

In App Marketing

Need help marketing to your existing mobile app users? We can assist!

Optimized PPC Marketing

Don't know how to spend Facebook/Google Adwords properly? Let us help optimize your results.

Organic Growth Campaigns

Want to reduce your paid campaign spend? We'll help build your organic growth through SEO, link-building or build campaigns/programs to promote viral loop

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